Assessments and Evaluations

HUMAN provides professional assessments and evaluations to key programs, processes or organizational structures that need improvement. The first critical step to improvement is always a thorough review as to where you are now, measured to a defined vision, set of criteria, standard or model. After that, it’s a matter of determining what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Let HUMAN assist you with their very inclusive approach to determine both where you are now and recommendations to get where you want to be. Activities and deliverables include:

Pre-gap analysis planning and communications
Pre-assessment/evaluation confirmation of client requirements, needs and expectations.
Identification of stakeholders.
Creation and use of qualitative and quantitative data and interview tools.
Investigation of background materials.
May include development of required documents and practices.
Draft report with assessment/evaluation results and recommendations.
Management workshop to disseminate report and determine actions through consensus.
Final report with assessment/evaluation results, recommendations and next step actions determined by leadership.
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