Integrated Management Systems

Looking at upgrading your ISO 9001 quality management system to include other standards such as ISO 14001 (Environmental) and/or OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety)? HUMAN can assist your organization with the implementation of an integrated management system using the same outstanding approach we use for single implementations. We will be there from start to finish, to ensure that you have the best use of time and resources. This includes doing everything possible to minimize the extra effort multiple management system standards can create. HUMAN uses a very inclusive approach to the development and implementation of an integrated management system to ensure that appropriate knowledge and experience is transferred to staff.

AIntegrated Management Systemsctivities and deliverables include:

  • Initial Gap Analysis, report and preliminary project plan.
  • Set-up and support of Implementation Team and Management Review Team.
  • Facilitation in the identification of environmental aspects and impacts (if required).
  • Facilitation in the identification of safety hazard risks (if required).
  • Develop & deliver staff kick-off orientation to the integrated standards and the implementation project.
  • Documentation support including development and editing of an integrated policy manual and key procedures.
  • Development support during implementation.
  • Internal audit training and facilitation, including audit, audit report and report-out to leadership and staff (if desired).
  • Addition of an environmental compliance audit (if required).
  • Addition of a health & safety compliance audit (if required).
  • Representation during certification audit(s).

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