ISO 9001 Gap Analysis

The first step to implementing an ISO 9001 based quality management system is to complete a Gap Analysis. This constitutes a review of the organization to see where it is in relation to the requirements of the international standard. Let HUMAN assist you in the completion of your Gap Analysis to the ISO 9001 quality management system standard. This packaged service includes:

  1. Pre-gap analysis planning and communications
  2. Opportunity for representative staff to receive their first level of coaching
  3. A professional gap analysis including gap report with report-out to management (and staff if desirable)

Cost is $3,000 plus tax – add HST if provided in Ontario, GST if provided in Canada but outside Ontario, may be tax exempt if provided outside of Canada. Other additional costs may include extra assessment days and/or travel/accommodation if outside of Canada’s National Capital Region. Provision in Canada in CDN, provision in USA or internationally in USD.