Management System AuditsIf you are implementing ISO 9001 or are already an ISO 9001 certified organization, you can outsource your internal quality management system audit requirements to HUMAN on an annual or semi-annual basis. Free up resources and have your quality management system internal audits completed by a professional in a stress free, friendly environment. This packaged service includes:

 Pre-audit planning and communications

 Audit schedule approved by the organization

 A complete, professional internal audit including audit report with report-out to management (and staff if desirable)

Cost starts at $3,000 plus tax (for small organizations) – add HST if provided in Ontario, GST if provided in Canada but outside Ontario, may be tax exempt if provided outside of Canada. Other additional costs may include extra audit days and/or travel/accommodation if outside of Canada’s National Capital Region. Provision in Canada in CDN, provision in USA or internationally in USD.

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Rather have your own internal audit team but lack experienced auditors?

Power them up with an intensive experiential internal audit team workshop. Your internal auditors will train while completing the actual on-site audit for your organization.