DOE Made Easy™ 3 Day Workshop

Design of Experiments (DOE) are used to optimize processes by identifying the key parameters of the process and their interaction(s) with each other. Use this technique to increase production or reduce waste. This workshop uses the world famous Taguchi method of DOE and is intended to familiarize the participants with one of the most popular and successful uses of practical statistical techniques in the workplace. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able optimize processes quickly through simple experiments without the need for statistical software or an engineering degree. Train your employees and prepare for a DOE on your process at the same time – gain back the training dollars spent many times over by utilizing this simple technique right away. Learning materials will be used in conjunction with practical activities and examples. Includes a Certificate of Achievement for each participant. Activities include:

  • Introduction to Taguchi Design of Experiments
  • Philosophy of Loss
  • Calculation of Manufacturing Limits
  • Loss Function Summary
  • Loss as Process Capability
  • Types of Experiments
  • Cause & Effect Analysis
  • Factors & Interactions
  • The Experiment Table
  • Orthogonal Arrays
  • Linear Graphs
  • Modifying a Linear Graph
  • Triangular Tables
  • Full Factorial vs Fractional Factorial
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Table
  • Three Level Experiments
  • The Flight Experiment
  • Designing Your DOE

Minimum 5 participants. Contact us for pricing.