Sibling™ – create transformational change in your mediocre processes

Why waste Lean and Six Sigma techniques on a mediocre process? Realize transformational improvements with a revolutionary new way to approach Business Process Re engineering (BPR) using Appreciative Inquiry, a positive visioning management methodology that provides widespread stakeholder engagement and positive visioning to cause transformational innovation.

Traditional BPR is the analysis and design of work flows and processes within an organization and is used when an organization wants to completely redesign how that process works. This can cause a need for change and transition management activities to ensure that the process changes take hold and flourish.

HUMAN takes that traditional BPR and supercharges it with Appreciative Inquiry in a way that causes engagement, inspiration, innovation and ownership among all stakeholders of the process. These workshops can be customized to meet your needs – the intent is to provide the participants with energizing tools and techniques that will realize innovative and transformational change in their processes.

Have as many process improvement teams as you want (recommended 4-8 members each). Workshops are designed with a common one day All Teams workshop and then specific Process Team workshops. Facilitated learning and process improvements completed on-site. Venue and refreshments are the responsibility of the client. Includes a Certificate of Achievement for each participant.

Facilitated “learning and doing” activities are delivered in 2 phases

The first part of this transformative process improvement workshop is to allow the process improvement teams to create a shared vision for the future of the process. This sets them up for the second phase where they will actually determine how to get to that future and re-design their process(es).

Phase 1 – Visioning the Future (1 Day)

During this phase of the transformative process improvement workshop, participants form into their teams and go through the process of creating a shared vision for the future of the process using positive visioning and positive speak. This is a bonding process that calls upon the team’s participants to work together and create a work of art (e.g., visual art, song, play, etc.) that expresses their shared vision. Activities include:

Overview of the Sibling™ Process
Setup of the Sibling™ program
Identification of processes to improve
Setup of Sibling™ Process Owners and Team(s)
Appreciative Interviews (qualitative data collection)
Appreciative Inquiry “Dream Phase” (visioning the future)
Preparing for Phase 2 of the Process Improvement

Phase 2 – Creating the Future Process (4 Days)

During this second phase of the transformative process improvement workshop, participants develop a transformational topic that will be the basis for what the process will achieve. This will be added to a positive brainstorming tool called the Opportunity Tree to identify root causes of success. Once the team has these firmly in their mind, they will be ready to formulate their process improvement by first building an “As-Is” process map and then transforming it into a “To-Be” process map. The final steps will be to identify what actions need to be taken to make the process improvement a reality and present out to management. Activities include:

Developing a Transformational Topic
Identifying root causes of success (Opportunity Tree)
Build Level 2 “As-Is” Process Map
Determine innovative improvements and complete “To-Be” process maps
Building a rolling action plan
Measuring success
Prepare presentation to leadership
Report-out to leadership and gain consensus for the way forward
Next Steps

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Minimum 5 participants.

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